On Saturday 30 March 2002 05:32, Jonathan Duncan wrote:
> I am trying to create an HTML Table which has TH headers which are
> different depending upon the link clicked to access the page.  Also, the
> content of the TD's below the headers would be different depending on the
> headers and depending on the link clicked.
> I have sorted out many of the details, but one eludes me.  Attached is an
> example that I have created to try to prove my point.  In it you will first
> see two variables that have been created inside of a function.  The
> function is called with certain values and these variables are created and
> populated with PHP code that needs to be evaluated at a point later in the
> file that calls the function.

I suggest that you post again and include your code inline with your post 
rather than attaching it. 

People are lazy and many (me included) couldn't/wouldn't be bothered to save 
your attachment and open up their text editor/viewer to read it.

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