That is a good point and that being the case, following is my code.

Jonathan Duncan
These variables are populated and assigned in a function:
(This is just an example.  In actuality these variables
are populated using other means.)
$othervars = " $service = $sqlresult['service'];
     $m_amount = $sqlresult['m_amount'];
     $paidthru = $sqlresult['paidthru'];
     $amountdue = $sqlresult['amountdue'];";

$tabledata = " <TD>$account</TD>

This is file that calls the above function:
(The lines with the *s are supposed to take
the data from the variables and then process
them as if they were part of the code.)
while ($sqlresult = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
 $id = $sqlresult['id'];
 $account = $sqlresult['account'];
*    $thefunction->othervars;
 $email = $sqlresult['email'];
 $terms = $sqlresult['terms'];
 $account_list .= "<TR CLASS=\"$oddoreven\">
       <TD ALIGN=\"center\"><A
*                      $thefunction->tabledata;
       <TD ALIGN=\"center\">\$$m_amount</TD>
       <TD><A HREF=\"somefile.php\">$paidthru</A></TD>
       <TD ALIGN=\"center\">\$$amountdue</TD>
       <TD><A HREF=\"mailto:$email\"; $oelinkstyle>$email</A></TD>
       <TD ALIGN=\"center\">$terms</TD></TR>";

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