Ok, I've been looking at the image functions, and found that I needed
to recompile PHP with exif support and load GD and other functions.
I've done all of that and now I get the following:

Source: /home/jamboimages/images/uploads/alamoarea_97_round_sm.jpg
600 : /images/patches/1997/1997R15.jpg
300 : /images/patches/1997/1997R15_sm.jpg
Width = 600
Height = 580
Fatal error: Call to undefined function: exif_imagetype() in
/home/jamboimages/admin/review_patches.php on line 69

The partial code in my webpage is (code borrowed from the PHP site, and 
Any help is appreciated.  If you want to see the phpinfo, go to:


Here's the code...

/* resize_to_file resizes a picture and writes it to the harddisk
  * $sourcefile = the filename of the picture that is going to be resized
  * $six_file   = File name of the 600-pixel-wide file
  * $three_file = File name of the 300-pixel wide file

function resize_to_file ($sourcefile, $six_file, $three_file) {

print "Source: $sourcefile<BR>";
print "600 : $six_file<BR>";
print "300 : $three_file<BR>";

    $picsize = getimagesize("$sourcefile");

    $width  = $picsize[0];
    $height = $picsize[1];
print "Width = $width<BR>";
print "Height = $height<BR>";

    $image_type = exif_imagetype("$sourcefile");
print "Image: $image_type<BR>";

    ... more code here to resize the image file ...
    ... and write it to a new location on disk  ...


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