Hello Ciro,

For database access and automatic generation of forms, see
You can create search/edit/new record forms automatically through the web
interface with little coding. It also has a low level PHP interface for
deep coding. This is a commercial product, developed by our company.

Regards, John

Ciro Martins <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi!
> I've been programming in PHP for long. But one question that always is
> coming to my mind is to know if there exists some kind of tools (like
> for SP. It exists a tool called ASPWebTools for wich it is possible to
> develop applications written in ASP and connecting with DB like SQL
> Server in an automatic way) that can help in the development of
> applications using PHP and databases. For instance, that could allow to
> develop automatically forms to connect to databases using PHP.
> Does anyone know any related application or tools.
> Because in ASP with that tool is more easy to develop code.
> Thanks in advance
> Ciro Martins

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