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> We are choosing some tools for building applications. Php is a very 
> good tools to
> build web applications, but we don't know if it can generate printable
> reports. "Printable reports" mean the report you can print what you see 
> on screen
> (like winword).
> We are asking if at here, there are good solutions to generate reports. 
> Simply
> generate html files and print them are not good solutions to us, 
> becuase you have
> to remove header / footer of html files, and html files seems not to be 
> used for
> printing.
> We know we can use pdflib to generate pdf files, but it is very 
> expensive.... (at
> least US $1,000) .
> If there are no other ways, we will be forced to use the old 
> client-server approach
> again because printing report is very important to us.

If you use XML instead of HTML, you could perform one XSLT process to 
create HTML for the online version and another XSLT process to create a 
file in any other format to create the print version.



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