Eric Coleman wrote:
> This can be done easily...
> And since when does PDFLIB cost money? I thought it was free...

PDFLIB isn't free.

A commercial PDFlib license is required for all uses of the software 
which are not explicitely covered by the Aladdin Free Public License 
(see bottom), for example:

? shipping a commercial product which contains PDFlib
? distributing (free or commercial) software based on PDFlib when the 
source code is not made available
? implementing commercial Web services with PDFlib

? you may develop free software with PDFlib, provided you make all of 
your own source code publicly available
? you may develop software for your own use with PDFlib as long as you 
don't sell it
? you may redistribute PDFlib non-commercially
? you may redistribute PDFlib on digital media for a fee if the complete 
contents of the media are freely redistributable.

It's fine for some situations, but it's not *free* for all uses.
There are actually quite a number of scenarios I come across
where PDFLIB isn't a 'free' package, but requires someone to pay.
"implementing commercial Web services with PDFlib" is pretty wide
open, imo.

Michael Kimsal
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