It doesn't like the ";" at the end of the statement. I noticed this a
while ago. I'd prefer if it didn't choke on the ";" but it seems to.
It's probably more correct to have the ";" there - I don't know why it
chokes when going through php. 

Matt Friedman
Web Applications Developer

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Sent: Monday April 1, 2002 2:55 PM
Subject: [PHP] parse error, mysql select

When I execute from browser I get a parse error, but when I enter the
query directly into a MySQL command prompt I get a successful return. 
Can anybody see the problem with this code:

                        $query = "SELECT DATE_FORMAT( exp_date, "%W, %M
%d, %Y") AS thedate from tifrequest where user='$user' limit 1,1";

Thanks!  My eyes are shot!

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