i've written a simple script, which tests the session behaviour on the IIS,
since it didnt seem to work
the following script should increase the session-var $testVar and display it
but it always stays at the same value
can someone explain that? is that a bug?

also if i would increase $_SESSION['testVar'] it doesnt work.

i have been looking at the server and the session-file is also updated, but
not with the new values, only the timestamp is updated, it seems

    // make the session variable globally available
    // we have register_globals = Off
    $testVar = &$_SESSION['testVar'];

    // init testVar to 1 or increase it
    if( !isset($testVar) )
        print 'set testVar to 1<br>';
        $testVar = 1;
        print 'increase<br>';

    // i can put session_register before
    // or after the 'if' it always happens the same

    print $testVar;

the environment:
- IIS-Server5.0, WIN2k
- PHP4.1.2
- session.auto_start = 0
- register_globals = Off

i am using the recommended-php.ini, that's why register_globals is off

thanks for help

... translating template engine ....

... authentication system ....

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