I have a header section for my website and I'd like to include it into each page.  
Since this is where
I'm housing all of my navagation.  Here is my problem though.  I have the header 
tables sitting in a page
header.htm.  I'm calling it as so:
require ("header.htm")

This works fine as long as I stay in the main folder /htdocs where the header.htm file 
The problem lies when I go any deeper.  I tried replacing the link with:
require ("/header.htm")
Hoping that would put it back to the /htdocs folder as it works for my standard links. 
I get this:
Fatal error: Failed opening required '/header.htm' 
(include_path='.:/usr/local/lib/php') in /www/foo/htdocs/foo/index_test.php on line 82

I've tried correcting it by including the full path: 
require ("http://www.foo.com/header.htm";)

This does work but it's so amazingly slow.  Even on my cable connection it will take 
20-30 seconds
to load this.  I've switched back and forth between require and include with no change 
in speed.  Anyone
have a suggestion or an idea on why my load time is suffering so much?

I hope all of that was clear enough.


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