oh, i thought there was supposed to be some software or stuff in the pear
directory (which doesnt exist)

so i just create one and put the package i downloaded into it, then add the
line to php.ini and use it in my scripts. dats it?

and i need no permissions to use the stuff on the server? i dont have to ask
the admin to do anyhting for me?

"Martin Jansen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> On Wed, 3 Apr 2002 20:12:46 +0100, Georgie Casey wrote:
> >The sites documentation is crap compared to PHP.
> I love to hear people critizing constructively.
> >what is it and how do i install it on my windows system?
> Add the directory, where your PEAR code is located (e.g. c:\php4\pear),
> to include_path in your php.ini and you're done.
> >and more, importantly do i have 2 force my host to install it or can i do
> >myself. i'm just looking to use the file_find package.
> Upload the desired package somewhere on your website and again
> add the location to your include_path.
> - Martin
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