My friends' server is giving me a hard time. What
happened is (long story short) he was forced to use a
new server for the web sites on his old one. One of
them was mine. I'm experiencing some weirdness now:
1. PHP automatically sticks in the backslash in front
of apostrophes and quotation marks. This seems
weird.... Don't trust it. What's up here?
2. The encryption method seems to be different. This
is weird, because (basic password scenario here), I
can log in to my account (the server encrypts my
password properly and compares it to the one 'on file'
and voila). But, when the password is changed,
encrypted, and saved, it seems to encrypt differently
than when simply entered in a login screen. Now it
seems to have a bunch of $ signs in it, whereas before
it didn't.
3. The mail function doesn't send e-mail, or I should
say hasn't yet (after a few hours). Is this a PHP
setting? Maybe the sendmail functionality is wonky on
the server? Or is it possible PHP isn't looking in the
proper place for the sendmail stuff?

Now, not being totally hardware-savvy, I'm not sure
what could cause these. One thing may be that the OS
is different (was Redhat, is now Debian). Also, my
friend upgraded from PHP3 to 4. Any light on this situation?

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