On Sat, 6 Apr 2002, Justin French wrote:
> on 06/04/02 11:05 AM, Maxim Maletsky ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>> It DOES NOT work fine in every browser. I'd love to give you a prov, but
>> because I am lazy I will just tell you this formula:
> Again.  I was only stating MY experience.  "Every browser I can get my hands
> on".  I do extensive testing, and have never seen a <BR> or <BR/> or <BR />
> misbehave.
> If you have seen it perform unexpectedly, I'm keen to hear about.

For what it's worth, I just tried on the following browsers (all I have at
my disposal at home) and it works fine:

links 0.96
lynx 2.8.3
Opera 5.0.498 (Mac)
IE 5.1.3 (Mac)
Mozilla 0.9.9 (Mac)
Netscape 6.1 (Mac)


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