On Sat, 6 Apr 2002, Shane McBride wrote:
> I am able to upload and download Macintosh files but they seem to lose
> their MIME type or extensions. I'm not sure what it is. I'm not a Mac
> dude.
> When you download the file It loses the file association. It's for a
> company I do work for that uses a lot of .ai and .psd files.

Macs running OS<=9 don't natively rely on extensions to keep track of file
types; something ending in .psd can be a Word file, .doc can be a PDF,
.pdf can be a JPEG, what have you. The name is just the name, nothing
more, nothing less.

Instead, they rely on metadata stored in the directory entry (parallel to 
name, creation date, etc.) that identifies the application that created 
the file and the data type contained inside. 

When you transfer a file between a Mac and another system, it's up to the
application doing the transferring to reconstruct the data type info. Many
apps do it based on extension, but not all of them know a huge number of
extensions (they may know .gif, .html, .txt, etc.). And the MIME type you
send may override their guess. You should find out what MIME type you are 
sending and what 4-character Type and Creator info is getting saved; 
that'll help immensely in troubleshooting.

Macs running OSX are willing to use extensions in addition to the Mac
style system.


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