Ive been using Mysql/PHP for a short while - I sent this messaghe to a big
PHP group (not enough users though)  about a week ago - No reply...

Can anyone help..
PS - Slingshot.co.nz doesnt have PHP - its just a text file.. - Save to your
own  SQL server & test, Or just review the code - No viruses or anything..





Ive been learning MySql for about 1 week now - & joined a MySql
group - but some questions I ask are more PHP related & not directly
involving MySQL..

anyway, for my big test script, Ive got the above URL

Just 'view source' to view the PHP scripting language...

when running, it searches your databases & brings up a list of active

When selected, it brings up a list of tables within the database..

(those two functions are ok..)

Now - in the script, - near the top, it says :-

if ($action =='tables'){ <<< (start of problem area..)

Now - when you select the table, it displays all the names of each
column, within the table. (that part works..)

it has :- $tot=$i; - $tot now holds the number of columns in that
table - For my example on my PC, it held the number '17' which is

it now has 2 'loops'...

a) for ($count = 1; $row = mysql_fetch_row ($query_result_handle);

b) for ($counta = 1; $tot; ++$counta)

Loop a, loops through the 4 rows of the database.

Loop B, displays all (17) of the colmns for each row...

Now - Problems

1) When my script runs, it is VERY fast - Doing things normally.
- EXCEPT - when it comes to the 2 loops.. - it goes Very slow - I
realise its got to do 2 sets of loops - but its going at a much
slower rate than if i did the same loops, on another programming

2) It only displays the 1st row of my data.. - For the example
database i tested, I knew it had 4 rows.

problem questions :-

a) Is my looping correct - Or can anyone find a loop-hole / problem
in my programming. (Im not telling you if the pun was intentional or

PS - Ive now realised something, & changed my line from :-

for ($counta = 1; $tot; ++$counta)


for ($counta = 1; $row = mysql_fetch_row ($query_result_handle);

- now my script is really fast - However it doesnt show much of the
1st line of data :-(

PS, the uploaded one (URL above) - doesnt show the change - as yet..

Can anyone advise what im doing wrong ?


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