Hi everybody,

I'm a  french newbie in PHP and I'm trying to resolve this :

$rf = fopen("album.dat", "r");
$row = 1;
while ($data = fgetcsv ($rf, 1000, ";"))
$num = count ($data);
print $num;
//print "<p> $num champs dans la ligne $row: <br>";
for ($c=0; $c<$num; $c++) {
//print $data[$c] . "<br>";
$image = $data[$c];
$img = GetImageSize(""$image\n"");                    this is Line 13
print $image;
print $img;

each time  I run it I get a : Parse error: parse error in essai2.php on line

All I want is to get the image name and size to put in in a table

TYA for your help

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