I have a new very intriguing problem at hand. 

I have the name of my Images stored in my mySQL
database in one column. Now when i pick the images,
they are displayed as it as. However, they are the big
images, and the thumbnails of those images are stored
with an "a" at the end of thier names. 
That is, 
If the image is "try.jpg" , the thumbnail of the image
is "trya.jpg" !!
Now i want to display the thumbnail and not the large
image. And unfortunately, my whole database contains
the name of Large images and NOt the Thumbnails.

How can i :
1. Insert "a" at the end of the name of the image,
before the ".extension" through PHP. 
The problems are that the names are stored in the
database WITH the extesion. And the extensions also
vary, some are JPG and some are GIF. So in my datase i
have images as "try.jpg" or "something.gif"! How can i
insert an "a" at the end of the name before the "." ?

2. OR.. can i insert the "a" before the "." in the
image name in my mySQL database itself. 

Either of the two solutions can work for me. 

T. Edison Jr.

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