$parts = preg_split('/\./', $filename);
$new_filename = $parts[0] . "a.jpg";

(Not tested, but _should_ work.)


Thomas Edison Jr. wrote:
> I have a new very intriguing problem at hand. 
> I have the name of my Images stored in my mySQL
> database in one column. Now when i pick the images,
> they are displayed as it as. However, they are the big
> images, and the thumbnails of those images are stored
> with an "a" at the end of thier names. 
> That is, 
> If the image is "try.jpg" , the thumbnail of the image
> is "trya.jpg" !!
> Now i want to display the thumbnail and not the large
> image. And unfortunately, my whole database contains
> the name of Large images and NOt the Thumbnails.
> How can i :
> 1. Insert "a" at the end of the name of the image,
> before the ".extension" through PHP. 
> The problems are that the names are stored in the
> database WITH the extesion. And the extensions also
> vary, some are JPG and some are GIF. So in my datase i
> have images as "try.jpg" or "something.gif"! How can i
> insert an "a" at the end of the name before the "." ?
> 2. OR.. can i insert the "a" before the "." in the
> image name in my mySQL database itself. 
> Either of the two solutions can work for me. 
> Thanks,
> T. Edison Jr.
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