Hello everyone!

I'm fairly new to PHP, but I do know JavaScript, which is both a blessing and a 
hinderance, as there are many syntax similarities, but a subtle amount of difference 
which means I usually screw something trivial up in my PHP code.  Can someone explain 
to me why the following isn't printing out each Array value?


$List = Array("Tomatoes", "Onions", "Carrots", "Lettuce");
echo "<table border=1 bordercolor=white cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0>";
for($n=0; $n < count($List); $n++)
  echo "<tr><td>Item " . ($n + 1) . " is $List[$n].</td></tr>";


It successfully prints out the following:

Item Number 1 is .
Item Number 2 is .
Item Number 3 is .
Item Number 4 is .

I just don't understand why it doesn't print out each value in the array... any help 
would be VERY appreciated!  Also, please CC me on any replies, as I'm subscribed to 
the digest!  Thanks!


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