At 09.04.2002  08:33, you wrote:
Thatīs an easy on ;-)

>Hello everyone!
>I'm fairly new to PHP, but I do know JavaScript, which is both a blessing 
>and a hinderance, as there are many syntax similarities, but a subtle 
>amount of difference which means I usually screw something trivial up in 
>my PHP code.  Can someone explain to me why the following isn't printing 
>out each Array value?
>$List = Array("Tomatoes", "Onions", "Carrots", "Lettuce");
>echo "<table border=1 bordercolor=white cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0>";
>for($n=0; $n < count($List); $n++)
>   echo "<tr><td>Item " . ($n + 1) . " is $List[$n].</td></tr>";
You forgot the dot and the "
echo "<tr><td>Item " . ($n + 1) . " is ".$List[$n]."</td></tr>";

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