On Tuesday, April 9, 2002, at 09:47  AM, Gordon Stewart wrote:

> Hello, - I'm used (in years gone by) to the Qbasic programme, where i 
> can
> create 'sub' routines, & view each routine on its own - Without 
> reference /
> Viewing the other code.. (I think its good like that..)..
> I know in CGI/Perl - you can use sub-routines etc...
> 1) Does PHP allow sub-routines,  eg - I can send values to the 
> routine, & it
> processes it & does whatever it requires & returns to the spot where I
> called it from.
> 2) For those of you that know Qbasic & know what i mean, is/are there 
> any
> programmes out there that can allow you to view / see any sub-routines 
> in
> Perl and/or PHP one at a time, & list them ..

I know what you mean -- I sometimes use functions to achieve the same 
effect, since I tend to have certain things like forms that need to be 
repeated.  Here's a really simple example:

function display_login()
   // print the start of the form
   print("<form method=\"post\" action=\"targetpage.php\">\n");
   print("Enter your user name:");

   // print the <input> tag, and if user has a cookie
   // called 'loginname', use that as the value of the input
   if ($_COOKIE['loginname']) {
     print("<input name=\"login\" type=\"text\"
            value=\"" . $_COOKIE['loginname'] . "\" />\n");
   } else {  // no cookie, just print it normal
     print("<input name=\"login\" type=\"text\" />\n");

   // finish the form

   // return true, so this function can be tested for success
   return true;

Now, say there are many places that you need to display this primitive 
login form.  In each place, you could always just enter it as


or even better, you could test to see if the function was successful and 
perform some action if it wasn't by doing

if (!display_login()) {
   die("Could not display login form");

Note that some might consider this a perversion of functions, since 
functions are intended to operate on input and return a value -- but 
this is a convenient way of modularizing your display code, and I use it 
a lot.



Erik Price
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Media Lab, H.H. Brown

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