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> Hello, - I'm used (in years gone by) to the Qbasic programme, where i can
> create 'sub' routines, & view each routine on its own - Without reference
> Viewing the other code.. (I think its good like that..)..

Yes, I remember the QBasic editor too.  Personally,
I found it horribly annoying, but (shrug) to each his own.
I don't know of any such for PHP, but you could probably
manage with a 'folding' text editor.

Note that in PHP (like Pascal) it is possible to define
functions-inside-functions; I haven't seen code that
actually uses this, but it's something to keep in mind.

> 1) Does PHP allow sub-routines,  eg - I can send
> values to the routine, & it processes it & does
> whatever it requires & returns to the spot where I
> called it from.

yes, it's called a 'function'.

> 2) For those of you that know Qbasic & know
> what i mean, is/are there any programmes out
> there that can allow you to view / see any
> sub-routines in Perl and/or PHP one at a time,
> & list them ..

As above, don't know any offhand; but it should
be easy enough to write code to return you a
list of functions.

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