Sounds to me like an Apache Alias Directive is what you need.
can you get at your apache configuration? :-)

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> On Tuesday, April 9, 2002, at 05:44  PM, Kevin Stone wrote:
> > Here's a crazy question.  Say I have a script (such as a bulliten board
> > script) that is run by many clients (other websites) off of one location
> > on my web account.  Think of it as a service of some kind.  Is there
> > anyway to trick the browser into displaying the client's domain rather
> > than my own?  I would want it to look as though you've never left their
> > website when in fact you are now on mine.  Possible?
> My domain name registrar uses a neat trick called "stealth forwarding".  
> It's probably explained in some tutorial on the web, so I won't 
> speculate on how it's done, but the principle is this --
> You have a web page hosted at a certain ISP... where the domain name is 
> something like
> But you just purchased a fancy domain name from an independent domain 
> name registrar (not thru your ISP) and you want to point the new domain 
> name to the old domain name.  Unfortunately, the ISP didn't give you a 
> dedicated IP address and they won't give you a virtual host, so you have 
> no way to map your shiny new domain name to your web site.
> Stealth forwarding essentially makes the entire browser window into one 
> giant new frame.  The contents of the frame are 
>, but because the frameset is hosted by 
> the indie domain name registrar, and they have your shiny new domain 
> name mapped to a virtual host on their servers or something, it looks 
> like (judging from the URL bar) a user is browsing 
>, not
> The only problem is that (a) it relies on frames, so it might not work 
> for all browsers (and definitely won't work for scripts), and (b) the 
> URL never changes -- the domain name registrar is hosting the frameset, 
> not the site, so all the URL bar ever shows is the name of the master 
> frameset --
> My registrar is easyDNS, maybe they have information about how it's done 
> if you can't find it elsewhere but I'd be surprised if you couldn't.
> Erik
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