Apologies if this is an oft-repeated question, but could anyone
recommend a PHP/MySQL shopping cart (free or commercial) that works
pretty well, decently customizable, and doesn't depend on additions
beyond the standard PHP distribution (e.g. PHPlib).

The PHP Knowledge Base <http://php.faqts.com/> lists only 2:

        FishCart <http://www.fishcart.org/>
        FreeTrade <http://www.working-dogs.com/freetrade/> (dead link)

freshmeat <http://freshmeat.net/> lists 16 (looks like FreeTrade moved here).

HotScripts.com <http://hotscripts.com/> lists 48, but not all of the
scripts are rated.

Any suggestions or comments are welcome.  Much thanks in advance!

Eugene Lee

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