I don't believe you can do "1", and i'm not clear on what you're asking in

I've found Adobe's security stuff to be perfectly adequate.  It gives you
the options on what to allow them to do -- separate passwords can be
assigned for viewing and modifying the file, and you can prevent any/all of
the following:

Printing the file
Changing the file
Selecting Text and Graphics
Adding Notes and Form Fields

I have never seen any issues on the web regarding this being insecure, and
use it frequently.

I have also tried to open/modify protected files in Illustrator and other
PDF-native programs, without any luck.

Why re-invent the wheel?

Justin French
Creative Director

on 10/04/02 2:36 AM, Geoff Hankerson ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> I am wondering if one or more of you can point me in the right direction on
> this one.
> Our company has intellectual property (legal forms)  that is in the form of
> a pdf. We want to sell this over the Web but a regular pdf is not secure and
> it would allow users to make unlimited copies and have unlimited use. I know
> Adobe gives you the ability to assign a password to a PDF so it cannot be
> altered but I don't think this will suffice. We need to either:
> 1. Let the user print the PDF from the browser without displaying it to the
> screen (not sure this is feasible)
> or
> 2. Do a server side "mail-merge" without using Acrobat form fields.
> Just looking for a pointer in the right direction. Thanks in advance for any
> and all help

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