Yo Maxim:

On Wed, Apr 10, 2002 at 10:48:42AM +0900, Maxim Maletsky wrote:
> $text = ' 
> some text ... 
> {php}
>       echo "some funcy code to include he{re";
> {/php} 
> '; 
> $out = preg_split("/(\{php}[^\{php}]*\{\/php})/i", $text, -1, 

Your middle segment, "[^\{php}]*" is telling the system to took for any
character that's not a "{", "p", "h", or "}", and perhaps even a "\".  
So, any time it encounters one of those characters, the regex evaluates
to false.  It's best to replace it with ".*" and add the "ms" flags.

   $out = preg_split("/({php}.*{\/php})/ims", $text, -1, 

I don't know if this does what you really want it to since what it does 
is kind of strange and you didn't specify what your goal is.

Good luck,


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