> Hi,
> the combination of PHP and mysql and the ease of use of the mail() 
> function obviously leads me to believe that it *should* be a singe to 
> use php to send customised messages to all my users , of whom I have 
> details in a mysql table by simply running a "select * from table" and 
> then using a while loop to run through every row and sending an e_mail 
> to $user_in_table.
> The obvious problem here is that ( in my case 17 000 users) this can 
> easily kill the mail server and could also cause the script to timeout 
> or ( if increasing the timeout) kill the server outright.
> So, what are my options?
> Should I be attempting this ( if not, how can I keep others that are 
> hosting on my machines from trying this with their own tables)
> Should I just use one message and append the BCC: line of the one message?
> Thanks 
Alternatively you could use the output from your table to feed a userlist 
to a dedicated mail list package

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