> > the combination of PHP and mysql and the ease of use of the mail()
> > function obviously leads me to believe that it *should* be a cinch to
> > use php to send customised messages to all my users , of whom I have
> > details in a mysql table by simply running a "select * from table" and
> > then using a while loop to run through every row and sending an e_mail
> > to $user_in_table.
>You don't want to use the mail() function.  It will take forever to send
>17,000 messages since PHP will wait for each message to be delivered
>before sending the next one.  With DNS lookups, slow remote servers, etc.,
>it can take a long time to send each message.
>A better solution on *nix machines with sendmail is to write the messages
>into the mail queue and use "sendmail -q" to send them out.  (If sendmail
>is running as a daemon, it's probably already configured with "-bd -q15m"
>or a similar set of command line switches.  Otherwise you'll need a line
>in /etc/crontab that runs "sendmail -q" as root throughout the day.)
>Here's a sample that writes each message into the queue assuming the
>appropriate values for each addressee are stored in $from, $to, $subject,
>and $message.  You'd obviously embed this is an iteration loop.
># you probably want a sender to handle bounces
>$sender="[EMAIL PROTECTED]";
># complete sendmail command; note that this must be in the iteration
># loop to fill in $sender and $name for each recipient
>$sendmail="/usr/sbin/sendmail -odq -t -i -f$sender '$name'";
># construct the header
>"Sender: $sender
>From: $from
>To: $to
>Subject: $subject
># mail the message (write to sendmail socket; queue for delivery)
>### END OF LOOP ###
I have a question with regards to this.  From reading the docs on mail() it 
seems that the mail function just opens a socket to sendmail on your local 
system anyway.  So how does forcing the same sort of action help in this 
case.  I'm trying to get a firm grasp around this whole 
email/sendmail/sockets thing.


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