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> Hi All,
> I have the following question. I have been developing with C for a
> while and I was used that the \0 indicated the end of a string. So if
> I had a variable containing 1234\056789 and the variable was printed,
> only 1234 was printed.
> As I can see in PHP (version  4.0.6 ), when I echo such a variable
> also the characters are printed, even the characters after \0. Is this
> the case PHP should work or is it a bug ? Isn't \0 really a string
> termination character in PHP ?
> I have been searching for documentation on this matter so if anyone
> could help me...

In this respect, PHP is not like C. Strings are defines within quotes, 
single or double depending on the circumstances. So \0 does not define 
the end of a string.

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