the zval struct in PHP is multifunctional and its string branch has length member. 
Much of the operations on string are with
*_STRINGL() L comes from length. It is preferable php function to use the length 
instead of *_STRING macros which looks throug the
string to find its end.

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> Hi All,
> I have the following question. I have been developing with C for a
> while and I was used that the \0 indicated the end of a string. So if
> I had a variable containing 1234\056789 and the variable was printed,
> only 1234 was printed.
> As I can see in PHP (version  4.0.6 ), when I echo such a variable
> also the characters are printed, even the characters after \0. Is this
> the case PHP should work or is it a bug ? Isn't \0 really a string
> termination character in PHP ?
> I have been searching for documentation on this matter so if anyone
> could help me...
> Kind Regards,
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