Is it possible to keep the variable name-space separate between, say, two
files (one included into the other) to avoid name collisions?  I'm trying to
get two scripts to work together on the same page.  Each script defines some
classes that have the same names but work differently (ex., class Template).
All I need is to embed the output of one script into the other.

Now, I could do this by just getting the output from a URL but that seems
really inefficient.  Or I could run the script from the CGI version of PHP
using exec() but that also seems like it could be really slow and clunky.

Is there some efficient way of doing this?

It would be cool if you could just put the include() inside of a function
and have all the classes and variable names be local inside that function
but that didnt seem to work...  plus the scripts explicitly access global
variable names.

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