Namespaces aren't available yet, but should be with PHP 5 (?) when the Zend 
Engine 2.0 is ready.


Aric Caley wrote:

> Is it possible to keep the variable name-space separate between, say, two
> files (one included into the other) to avoid name collisions?  I'm trying
> to
> get two scripts to work together on the same page.  Each script defines
> some classes that have the same names but work differently (ex., class
> Template). All I need is to embed the output of one script into the other.
> Now, I could do this by just getting the output from a URL but that seems
> really inefficient.  Or I could run the script from the CGI version of PHP
> using exec() but that also seems like it could be really slow and clunky.
> Is there some efficient way of doing this?
> It would be cool if you could just put the include() inside of a function
> and have all the classes and variable names be local inside that function
> but that didnt seem to work...  plus the scripts explicitly access global
> variable names.

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