At 12.04.2002  05:23, you wrote:
>I have a form processor that displays a confirmation
>screen showing the submitted form values to the user
>after they submit the form.  This confirmation
>screen's contents are generated by the script itself.
>However, I'd like to be able to redirect the results
>to any pre-existing webpage.  For example, if the form
>had a field named "Name," I'd like to have the value
>of that displayed in an webpage after they submit it.
>I tried doing this by including the field name $Name
>in the webpage, having the form processor read this
>webpage in using fread, then printing it out from the
>script, but the page renders without the value of
>$Name.  How can I do this?
>Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I hope I understand your problem,
you have the values you got from the confirmation page stored in a file?
And you want them to display in another page.
In the file, the values are stored like
you read the data using fopen(), fread().
Then you have to use eval() ta make this text "real vars".
But I wonder how you know which user is Name, and therefor displaying
the corect data to her/him.
Maybe you want to do this with a cookie(), or session() methods, wich are
covered endless in this list.
HTH Oliver

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