On Friday, April 12, 2002, at 08:23  AM, John P. Donaldson wrote:

> I have a form processor that displays a confirmation
> screen showing the submitted form values to the user
> after they submit the form.  This confirmation
> screen's contents are generated by the script itself.
> However, I'd like to be able to redirect the results
> to any pre-existing webpage.  For example, if the form
> had a field named "Name," I'd like to have the value
> of that displayed in an webpage after they submit it.
> I tried doing this by including the field name $Name
> in the webpage, having the form processor read this
> webpage in using fread, then printing it out from the
> script, but the page renders without the value of
> $Name.  How can I do this?

Sounds like you want to do a str_replace().  The template system I use 
works in this fashion -- I have a template HTML page, with certain 
keywords of the form {{{NAVIGATION}}}, {{{STYLESHEET}}}, {{{FOOTER}}}}, 
etc.  I have a class that I wrote which simply takes the values of the 
variables in my page and swaps them in for the appropriate keyword -- 
thus, if my nav column was contained by a variable called 
$navigation_column, then my class would do something like:

$template_page = "./includes/site_template.inc";
str_replace("{{{NAVIGATION}}}", $navigation_column, $template_page);

This is oversimplified and wouldn't really work (you need to read the 
template page into a file handle, etc) but demonstrates the theory.



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