I have an OS X box that has been running PHP 4.1.2 and OpenLDAP 2.0.23 
without any problems. I can bind to the LDAP database from PHP and 
everyone is happy.

I wanted to build a new box with Cyrus-IMAP, Cyrus-SASL and OpenLDAP, 
moving my mail and authentication to it and leave the first box to just 
Apache and PHP. The second box appears to work fine.

Where I'm having problems is binding from my PHP/Apache box to the new 
OpenLDAP box. With identical schema and data, I get errors trying to 
bind to the SASL/LDAP box from my PHP/Apache box that I don't get trying 
to bind to the local LDAP database. I can authenticate locally using the 
LDAP tools with a password against the SASL system.

Does anyone have any idea if any of the following are true:

1) Do I have to build SASL and rebuild LDAP and then build a PHP against 
that LDAP to enable my PHP to bind to my Cyrus/SASL/LDAP box?
2) Is there something special on has to do to bind to a OpenLDAP/SASL 
rather than just OpenLDAP with PHP?


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