To prototype my site, I've used "register_globals=on", and "track_vars=on". 
I'm at the point where I would like to switch the globals "off',
and prepare the site for production use. 

My problem is that I don't know how to implement the use of 
$HTTP_SESSION_VARS or $_SESSION in my webapages (or where to put the "if 
(isset($_SESSION . . .)"

I assumed the logical place would be at the opening page (index.php) that has 
the menu structure. I put the call the "if(isset . . .)" right at the top of 
this page (before the HTML), and the page loads. However, when I call other 
pages and attempt to call up the database conection, I get an "undefined 
function" error [ Btw: everything worked great with globals=on].

What I'm not clear on: if I'm using $HTTP_SESSION_VARS or $_SESSION do I have 
to put something declaring such on every page that I've written (at this 
point there are 47 of them)? Or do I declare a session on the opening page? I 
assumed that by doing so, with track_vars enabled, the vars would 
automatically be transferred to each new page within the session. Am I 
missing something here? All my variables are in the form of $sfname or 
$rcity, and so on.

I've read the manual on "Session handling functions", but I must have a thick 
block on this concept . What should I do now that I want to use 
$HTTP_SESSION_VARS or $_SESSION ? How do I implement it on secondary pages? 
Will I be facing a major re-write of all my code? [Gulp :>]

Any help or pointers where to read up would be greatly appreciated.


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