I am displaying a folder tree and want to alternate the colors for each
folder so my database table shows that for example the Apples folder is
located under the Fruits folder.  Therefore I want to know which row is odd
or even so I can assign it different colors.  Incidently, does anyone know
of a more efficient way of displaying a folder tree without doing it

id parent_id name
== ========= =======
1      1     Home
2      1     Products
3      2     Fruits
4      2     Vegetables
5      3     Apples

function build_folder_tree(&$output, $parent=1, $indent="")
  $qid = mysql_query("SELECT id, name FROM folders WHERE parent_id =

  while ($cat =  mysql_fetch_object($qid))
    $output .= $cat->name + $indent; // here is where I want to assign diff.
    if ($cat->id != $parent)
      build_folder_tree($output, $cat->id, $indent."  ");

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If you know you're looking for Bob or Mike or John, you could select the
rows each time in your loop as an associative array.

mysql_fetch_array(result, MYSQL_ASSOC)

will do the trick.

"Sp" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> If this is my database result from a select then I need to know that Bob
> the 1st result, Mike is the 2nd result and John is the 3rd result ...
> Name     Address
> ======== ===============
> Bob      121 King St.
> Mike     99 Main St.
> John     8433 Albert St.
> Does mysql keep track of this?  I know I could just do a $i++ as I loop
> through the results but I'm doing something recursively so the counter
> doesn't work here.

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