I see what you are trying to do David but that was what I tried first but it
doesn't work because the function calls itself depending if it's not a
parent so the alternating colors become all messed up depending on the
structure of my folders.  That's why I was hoping to get the number for each
of the result returned so I could change the color depending if it was odd
or even.

Any other suggestions?

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Well, you don't need to know what row number is. Something like:

function build_folder_tree(&$output, $parent=1, $indent="")
  $color = "red"; // Set var to first option

  $qid = mysql_query("SELECT id, name FROM folders WHERE parent_id =
  while ($cat =  mysql_fetch_object($qid))
    $output .= $cat->name + $indent; // here is where I want to assign diff.
    $color == "red" ? $color = "blue": $color = "red"; // Cycle color for
each iteration

    if ($cat->id != $parent)
      build_folder_tree($output, $cat->id, $indent."  ");

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