Check out Hub.Org Networking services

They have Virtual Machine that can be configured to your NEEDS without 
affecting other clients and vice versa. and MANY other features
including ssh, ftp, cgi/perl and I believe they have also added MySQL
3.23 to the list.

Not sure if it would be what you want but they are good :)

Jennifer Downey wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am wondering if anyone has a good hosting service? I am currently with
> Aletia which has an excellant package good tech support but sometimes not
> very functional servers.
> My site has gone down at least 3 times within the last 20 days. Too many for
> me.
> It has to be at least 50 mb disk space, 10 to 15gig /m transfer, of course
> PHP and MySQL, ftp, ssh or telnet, cgi/perl, free domain transfer, at least
> 15 POP3 email accounts, cron support.
> Thanks
> Jennifer
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