Vins wrote:
> you get unlimited traffic.
> here it is very cheep.
> so they can offer a great service.
> and they also don't pay for a domain.
> so that means even more cheeper prices.
> they crazy.
> I  know they guy, his way of thinking is free is better for the client and
> for them
> client gets cheeper prices.
> they get more moeny.

So, that $14.95/year he saves on his own domain name is split
between, what, 10 clients and each one is saving $1.50/year?  Wow! 
That's over 10 cents per month he's saving his clients!.

Maybe he should get rid of the phone lines too - that would save
even MORE money, and mean even CHEAPER prices for people!  There's
no end to how much money he can save us!

> works, you should see what he drives

Did he pay cash?  Or is he leasing?  "Fake it till you make it"
is quite a popular lifestyle for many people.  :)

Michael Kimsal

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