Don't know if anyone can help me with this one:

It's not directly a PHP question -- but maybe someone knows the fix?

I have a form, when the user presses the submit button, I pass the form vars
to my PHP checkform.php script -- which checks all the fields to make sure
the user entered the correct values -- if the user missed something, then
they are passed to my error page, which lists out the fields they need
fix -- ideally, i would like them to press their browsers BACK button to
return to the form, instead of reloading all their session data back into
the form with a submit button on the error page -- too much data.

So, in Netscape, when a user presses their BACK button all the fields are
filled in just as they were filled in ... including the password field.
However, in Internet Explorer, when the user presses their BACK button, all
fields are good EXCEPT the password fields, which are bank ... so the user
is forced to reenter their password info -- kinda annoying.

Is there a HEADER or something or an IE fix anyone knows of that will force
IE not to delete the password info in this manner?


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