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>Don't know if anyone can help me with this one:
>It's not directly a PHP question -- but maybe someone knows the fix?
>I have a form, when the user presses the submit button, I pass the form vars
>to my PHP checkform.php script -- which checks all the fields to make sure
>the user entered the correct values -- if the user missed something, then
>they are passed to my error page, which lists out the fields they need
>fix -- ideally, i would like them to press their browsers BACK button to
>return to the form, instead of reloading all their session data back into
>the form with a submit button on the error page -- too much data.
>So, in Netscape, when a user presses their BACK button all the fields are
>filled in just as they were filled in ... including the password field.
>However, in Internet Explorer, when the user presses their BACK button, all
>fields are good EXCEPT the password fields, which are bank ... so the user
>is forced to reenter their password info -- kinda annoying.
>Is there a HEADER or something or an IE fix anyone knows of that will force
>IE not to delete the password info in this manner?

Maybe you should not rely on the browser, save the vars you got in a db or 
If there´s any mistake, send the form again with the data from db/file.
(Wow IE has some security function that makes sense ;-) )
HTH Oliver

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