I'm working on a search program that searches on a
mySQL DB and gives back results.. something like this

$sql_text = ("SELECT * FROM searchtb where
vCategory='$q' || vSubCategory='$q'"); 

What i want is that the results should be displayed
PageWise.. that is, maybe 15 results per page.
Something like this :

Page : [<<] 1|2|3|4|5 [>>]

And also i would like to display the "Total Results"
on the resulst page.

Secondly, i have a table with a column vProName, which
let's say, contain "Basket Ball Game".
Now what i want is that if someone searches for "Game"
or "Ball", even then this record should appear. 

Could someone guide me for the same....

T. Edison Jr.

Rahul S. Johari (Director)
Abraxas Technologies Inc.
Homepage : http://www.abraxastech.com
Tel : 91-4546512/4522124

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