PhpMyadmin now have somekind of authentication method. From the docs:

What's the preferred way of making phpMyAdmin secure against evil access?
This depends on your system.
If you're running a server which cannot be accessed by other people, it's
sufficient to use the directory protection bundled with your webserver (with
Apache you can use .htaccess files, for example).
If other people have telnet access to your server, you should use
phpMyAdmin's http authentication feature.


Your file should be chmod 660.
All your phpMyAdmin files should be chown phpmy.apache, where phpmy is a
user whose password is only known to you, and apache is the group under
which Apache runs.
You should use PHP safe mode, to protect from other users that try to
include your in their scripts.


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"Mantas Kriauciunas" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hey PHP General List,
>   Can anybody point me to tutorial or real good explanation site how
>   to keep Http://localhost/phpmyadmin off for other users. I am using
>   it to help me with MySQL database.... but other peaople can access
>   it. I know there is something with .httacces but i dont know
>   anything about that .httacces. SO please if anybody can point me to
>   some explanation how to secure phpmyadmin or just explain bu them
>   selves.
>   Thank You.
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