Actually the latest releases of phpMyAdmin come with options for password
protecting the programs... it's really nice... they're doing htaccess
without the .htaccess file (????), plus three other forms of verification.

Well worth checking out.

There's a few lines in the file, and I guess a few words in
the documentation about it.

Failing that, you should do a search on google for .htaccess, to figure out
how to do it the old way.

Justin French
Creative Director

on 15/04/02 2:34 PM, Mantas Kriauciunas ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Hey PHP General List,
> Can anybody point me to tutorial or real good explanation site how
> to keep Http://localhost/phpmyadmin off for other users. I am using
> it to help me with MySQL database.... but other peaople can access
> it. I know there is something with .httacces but i dont know
> anything about that .httacces. SO please if anybody can point me to
> some explanation how to secure phpmyadmin or just explain bu them
> selves.
> Thank You.
> :------------------------------:
> Have A Nice Day! 
> Mantas Kriauciunas A.k.A mNTKz
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> Http://

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