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> on 4/16/02 3:26 PM, Uchendu Nwachukwu at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>> Is there anyway I can use server-side imagemaps with PHP? I want to build
>> application that lets people click on a picture, and have the coordinates
>> the click on the picture be stored in a database. I've searched
>> and it makes no mention of it.
> If I understand correctly, you want to know how to have to have the
> coordinates of a click sent to your script.  Use html something like this
> do that:
> <form method=get action=yourscript.php>
> <input type=image src='/path/to/your/image.jpg'>
> </form>
> That would generate a query string something like
> "yourscript.php?x=138&y=327".  From there, you can do whatever you want
> the values.  Hope that helped!

<form action='url/path/scriptname.php'>
    <input type='image' name='myimage' src='url/path/image.jpg'>

will pass variables myimage.x and myimage.y BUT note
that to distinguish the variables from class members, PHP
processes that to $myimage_x and $myimage_y

Hope this helps.

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