Dustin E. Childers wrote:
> Hello.
> I have found something interesting that can kill the server. I'm not sure if this is 
>because of Apache or PHP. If you use PHP to send a header() inside of a while loop, 
>the httpd process will begin to use massive CPU and Memory until it is killed, or the 
>server is killed. Here is what I used:
> <?
>   while(0<1) {
>     header("A");
>   }
> ?>
> We have tested this on apache 1.3.22, and apache 2.0.35, using php 4.1.2 and 
>4.2.0RC4. It was able to completly kill our servers (not apache, the entire server). 
>The loads of the server will reach 50+. I have contacted apache about this and they 
>said that it is PHP related.

Did you have output buffering on or off?  It seems that it would be 
somewhat dependant on the browser as well, but maybe I'm offbase here.

If you just kept letting

while(0<1) {
echo "w";

run as well, wouldn't that also lock things up?  Aren't infinite loops 
in general a bad thing?  Or is there something particular about the 
header() that you're thinking is going on?

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