Julio Nobrega Trabalhando wrote:
>   Anyone recommend a good one? I am in need of the following features:
> 1) Catch any type of errors,
> 2) Actions like: Show on the screen, log on a file or database, or email,
> 3) Different actions for each error level/warning type, etc..
>   I have searched Hotscripts, but only found classes to control server
> errors, like 404 or 503. On Sourceforge, no projects with files, and Google
> returns me thousands of unrelated pages and I couldn't filter the results
> until they were satisfactory ;-)
>   I understand PEAR has somekind of error control, and it's my current DB
> Abstraction Layer's choice. If there's a way to keep using PEAR to handle
> other errors, I would be very glad if someone could point me to any tutorial
> or documentation about how to do so,

Why do you want to use a bloated 800 lines error handling class when PHP
already has built-in functions to do exactly what you want?


Manuel Lemos

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