On Thursday 18 April 2002 23:25, Erik Price wrote:
> I am writing a function that performs some actions.  I would like to
> return true if the actions succeed, or return an error message if the
> actions fail.  How should I go about it?  The following code doesn't do
> it, because the returned error message is interpreted as a boolean
> "true" (I think that's what's happening):
> if (custom_function() == true) {
>       print "Custom Function succeeded!";
> } else {
>       print custom_function();
> }
> I would actually rather just have the error message generated by the
> script that calls the function, but the function performs some logic
> that determines what kind of error message to give.  I was thinking of
> having the function return "1" if succeeds, "2" if error code A, or "3"
> if error code B, and then a switch statement could decide what to do in
> the calling script -- but does this sound sloppy?

What I tend to do is define functions like so:

  function doo($dah, $dib, &$error) {
    if success {
      return TRUE; }
    else {
      $error = "You've committed a grave sin!";
      return FALSE;

Then call as:

  if (doo(...)) { 
    echo "OK"; }
  else {
    echo "Error:  $error";

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