On Thursday, April 18, 2002, at 11:38  AM, Julio Nobrega Trabalhando 

> function custom_function()
> {
>     if ($error == 0) {
>         return true;
>     } else {
>         return "Error!";
>     }
> }
> if (custom_function() != "Error!") {
>     echo "Success";
> } else {
>     echo "Error";
> }

Your way would work perfect except that I simplified the function I 
posted, for illustrative purposes -- a mistake, I realize.  The returned 
error message is actually composed of an imploded array, whose contents 
are entirely dependent on the code in the function (basically it varies 
depending on circumstances, so I can't write a test for it).

I ended up just performing the checks in the script itself, rather than 
in a function, because I was only using a function as a subroutine to 
keep my script's switch() statement nice and clean.  But in this case, 
it just was too much trouble (I was also running into a situation where 
I had to deal with a global variable, etc).  Since I don't really need 
this anywhere else in the script, I don't really even need it to be a 

Thanks for your input though, Julio.



Erik Price
Web Developer Temp
Media Lab, H.H. Brown

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