I have three scripts login.php, auth_user.php, and function.php. The
login.php script does user authentication and routes the user to
auth_user.php. The function.php script, which contains process_function(),
does some very intensive data processing and may take from 30 seconds to 3
minutes to run.

Here's what I have tried to do:

// login.php script

... do some authentication stuff

process_function(); // makes user wait too long to get to the authenticated

include("auth_user.php"); // takes user to authenticated area

If I try to run the process_function() from the login.php script, the script
takes too long to run. How can I get this function to run so it does not
interfere with user logging in? Is there a way to get the function to
execute and let it run on its own within login.php and let the user continue
on to the authenticated area without that delay?

Another thought I had was to get the function.php script that contains the
function to execute on its own based on time (e.g., run every hour on the
hour). Is there a way to do that?

Thank you.

Zach Curtis
Programmer Analyst

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